E = mc^2.

Energy powers everything. The Middle East has been endowed with a large amount of natural resources, but have countries in the region positioned themselves to be pioneers in the field of renewable energy? Our cities are demanding more and more power. How do we scale the supply of energy to meet the higher needs, without contributing to climate change?

Our highly distinguished and knowledgeable speakers will inspire discussions and motivate answers to the following topics.

IDEAtors can utilize studies done on the carbon footprints of different cities in MENA to explore how our cities can be greener. Waste management. Solar cities. Electric vehicles. The possibilities of making our cities greener are endless, but how can we do it when it is more economically favorable to rely on fossil fuels?

Green Cities

A lot of Arab countries now have plans to build entire cities from scratch. Why are these projects needed? How do we ensure the success of those projects? What should countries that cannot afford big plans like these? Is starting over an easier and more environmentally-friendly option than doing major overhauls of cities?

Think about the future of cities in the Middle East and share your ideas on how to best reach the goals our governments set.

Big Plans: The Era of Grand Visions