Innovation is more than just a buzzword that is thrown around by politicians and investors. In macroeconomic theory, technological innovation is seen as a factor that amplifies and speeds up economic growth. There’s no denying that more innovation in Arab countries is needed, but how do we go about implementing such policies and initiatives?

Motivated by our speakers and mentors, IDEAtors in this category will propose solutions to questions such as:

  • How can cities become more innovative?

  • What is the role that governments can play in nurturing innovation ecosystems?

  • Should innovation be a grass-roots or top-bottom approach?

Innovation Ecosystems

IDEAtors will investigate the current state of innovation communities in the MENA region, and present recommendations for improving and/or introducing resources such as accelerators, funding, and legal frameworks.

Data-Driven Decisions

Is there an infrastructure for data collection and analysis, and if not how do we integrate it with the workflow of governance and decision-making? Important considerations to keep in mind: scalability, security, and availability.

Smart Cities

If countries can afford a reset button, should they pull the plug on existing cities and start over from scratch? How do we digitize our cities to operate more efficiently, and should we even prioritize such pursuits or do we have bigger problems to address first?